“Viral” Video: War Horse Meets Police Horse

“Viral” Video: War Horse Meets Police Horse

It’s hard to believe that after six years of praying for a video to go viral that it appears my War Horse post from three years ago may be going as viral as I’m ever going to get!  About three or four days ago, I decided to check on one of my videos on my Becca Salamone YouTube channel (War Horse Meets Police Horse), as I had been receiving multiple notifications on my phone of comments on the video.

A quick check let me know the video had received over 21,000 views.  I was incredulous, but went on with my business, slightly proud of what I consider a high number of views.  Fast forward to earlier today when I checked the views again.  Are you serious?  They were up to just over 68,000!! Oh my, why???  Then by tonight, the views are over 70,000 and still climbing!!!  Are you kidding me???  Two thousand more views in just a couple of hours!

The majority of the comments were not that complimentary, as you’ll notice reading through them, but honestly, I found them quite hilarious. People that don’t know anything about horses making comments about horses … priceless! I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe.

At any rate, I thought I’d ask my horse friends to take a look at the video and tell me why you think it “went viral” all of a sudden, after three years.  Oh, and if you want to set some of those negative naysayers straight, feel free to post a comment yourself. In the meantime, just enjoy the hilarity!

Saying, “Thanks for your support of Southern Horse Talk!” couldn’t be more accurate! Thanks to all who have watched and shared the video.  I appreciate each and every one of you!

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