Louisiana Flood Relief, One Woman’s Quest

Louisiana Flood Relief, One Woman’s Quest

Louisiana Flood Relief – With the recent devastating floods in Louisiana leaving both people and animals in desperate situations, we are lucky to have heroes such as Alabama’s own Toni Christopher of Starlight Stables in Grand Bay, Alabama, willing to step up and lend a hand to the victims.

Toni will be taking a load of supplies to needy horse owners in Louisiana this coming Saturday, August 27, 2016.  She plans to fill her trailer to the top with items like extension chords, fans, hay, water tubs, water bottles, medicated soap or betadine… a lot of horses have rain rot…buckets, and, of course feed, for dogs, cats, and horses. Just about anything and everything is needed.

To help fill Toni’s trailer, donations can be made in her name at Tractor Supply in Theodore, St. Elmo Feed in Irvington, or Grand Bay Feed in Grand Bay. Toni will pick up any goods and also purchase what is needed Saturday morning, load the trailer, then head out to Louisiana.

Southern Horse Talk thanks the Lord for people like Toni Christopher, who are providing Louisiana flood relief, and prays for her safe travels there and back.

Toni is one of many other generous horse lovers dedicating themselves to helping their fellow horsemen. Just take a look on social media and you’ll see numerous heroes delivering relief to the victims of the floods.  Let’s support ’em, y’all! For more information, contact Toni Christopher at 251-391-4268.

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