Livestreaming HTCAA Update on Blab

Livestreaming HTCAA Update on Blab

Watch HTCAA Update on Blab Today!

Well, here we go again, folks.  Shannon Schraufnagel and I are going to try to live stream the next episode of HTCAA Update with Schannon Schraufnagel on Southern Horse Talk today at 10:30 am Central.  We are attempting to be brave pioneers in the new frontier of live broadcasting.

If you haven’t heard of Blab, it’s a new live-streaming social media platform that allows up to four people to “take seats” in an online conversation.  The topic can be announced in advance, or you can simply login and start a Blab and be live instantly as soon as two people take their “seats.” HTCAA Update Blab
Watch HTCAA Update with Shannon Schraufnagel on Southern Horse Talk on BLAB

Most Blabs are longer than other types of social media interactions, but they don’t have to be. If the conversation goes long, and the topic changes, the title of the Blab can be changed to accommodate.

The Blab can be recorded and shared with your audience after the Blab, unlike Periscope whose recordings disappear after 24 hours.

Blab looks to be an awesome way to do interviews, without having to edit afterwards, which gets your message out to your audience in a more time-conscious way.

I tried Blab once before with June Brewer for Horse Happenings in Georgia with June Brewer and was unsuccessful in connecting her to the Blab.  Say prayers that it works today, and that we can bring you a LIVE update on what’s happening with Horse Trails and Camping Across America.

To join the Blab, click here. Becca Salamone