GERL Help-A-Horse Day is What Horses Dream

GERL Help-A-Horse Day is What Horses Dream

HelpAHorse Day

The Georgia Equine Rescue League (GERL) has been in operation for over 26 years, starting out with two ladies and $100. Our mission is to help horses who have suffered ill fate and to help people who want to prevent abuse, neglect, and starvation. We sponsor the “Get Well Plan” which includes reduced fees to geld stallions, thus attacking the problem of unwanted horses at the root. We promote prosecution of those who willfully injure or neglect animals and support the Georgia Department of Agriculture Equine Division to promote equine welfare in our state. We rescue, rehabilitate and retrain horses using an entirely foster based program. Forever homes are found! For the second year in a row, GERL is participating in the ASPCA’s national #HelpAHorse Day contest for grant funds: April 26th through June 30th this year. The nationwide competition includes rescues, shelters and animal control agencies that adopt out equines and is designed to raise awareness of the year-round lifesaving work done to find homes for horses. During the eight-week competition for grant awards, GERL will promote its adoptable horses, raise public awareness of our collaborative work with the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) and will host a one-day event on June 2, 2018, at the GDA Equine Care Facility, 2834 Marben Farm Road, Mansfield, GA, 30055. This exciting day will highlight GDA’s rehabilitated horses available for auction as well as horses available for adoption through GERL.

GERL believes we all have dreams: this includes those horses whose lives have been marred by neglect, starvation or unspeakable abuse. The theme GERL has chosen this year is “What Horses Dream”. Dream along with us as we work towards a better world for everyone.

For more information, contact Donna Harrison on the GERL website.

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HelpAHorse Day
HelpAHorse Day Becca Salamone